Thinking about Busabout

One article led me to check out Busabout. And now I’m seriously considering getting its flexi-pass because it offers me more opportunity to interact with locals and other travelers though it would be at the expense of my travel time. 

Oh, and I like the Busabout Web site because it provides information on cheap eats and things to do in the city where Busabout will make a stop. Use the “Where do you want to go?” drop-down menu on the left for this purpose.


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Free wifi in Europe

I plan to blog about my trip to Europe so it’s going to be important to have Internet access while on the road.

Less Than A Shoestring listed cities that offer free wifi connection in various categories:

First, all the cities that have real, honest-to-goodness *free* access in a public space — often municipally provided — to the internet:

Next, all the cities where you shouldn’t have to hunt too hard to find an WLAN-friendly cafe or chain restaurant offering online access:

It’s harder than it should be in:

It’s not impossible, but best of luck to you in:

For specific areas, I intend to consult, which provides a map to show the exact location of places that offer free wifi.

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I so loved this blog!

Less Than a Shoestring is one blog that I should tell myself to check out regularly. Great everything (okay, just most everything – edited).

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Where to eat cheaply in Brussels? Read on.

I asked an office colleague, who’s familiar with Brussels, if he knew where I could eat cheaply there. He said everything’s expensive in the Belgian city.

Well not all, based on what I found out recently.

For example, Hostelworld’s free Brussels guide included several places where meals won’t break your wallet:

Le Pain Quotidien, Rue Antoine Dansaert 16
Located just minutes from the Grand Place, Le Pain Quotidien is arguably the nicest place for breakfast in the city. Choose from combo meals made up of croissants, tea and orange juice for €3.50 or simply sip on a coffee and nibble on a croissant for less. Open daily from 8am-6pm.

Bar Sabir, Rue de Flandre 12
Bar Sabir is one of the coolest little eateries in the Belgian capital. Found deep in the heart of the St Catherine district, you can turn up in the afternoon for a steaming bowl of hearty soup or pop round after dark when you have two main courses to choose from, each costing around €10. Open 12pm-3pm Mon-Wed, Thurs & Fri 12pm-3pm and 6pm-10pm.

Funny Lunch, Rue de la Régence 59
Easily found due to its bright green and yellow front, Funny Lunch makes for the perfect pit-stop at lunchtime after visiting Palais du Justice. Sandwiches, baguettes and paninis start from as little as €2 or you can treat yourself to some pasta for €5. Open daily from 6am-4pm.

Chez Leon, Rue des Bouchers 18
Dating back to 1893, Chez Leon is the best place to sample Belgium’s national dish ‘mussels and fries’. Located on the colourful Rue de Bouchers, try the ‘Formule Leon’ for €13.50 which comprises of a rather large dish of steaming mussels and chunky, home-cut fries. Open Sun-Thurs 11.30am-11pm, Fri & Sat 11.30am-11.30pm.

Belgian waffles
Dotted throughout the city centre are waffle stands that dish out hundreds of Belgian waffles to ravenous tourists every day. Extremely sweet but equally tasty, they cost approximately €1.50 on their own. Decide you want them smothered in syrup or any other topping and they’ll cost a bit more, but it’s worth it for the few extra cent.

Then, just now I learned about EXKi. Menu items range from 1.20 euros to 6.95 euros. That’s really cheap!

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A must-have from Hostelworld

Hostelworld might not be my choice when booking hostels but it still won my heart with its free pocket guides on many popular destinations. I believe it’s a must-have.  My only beef is that it didn’t have one for Cologne, Ioannina (again!), Bern and Geneva.

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Again, cheap eats in Barcelona

From “Hostelworld Guide to Barcelona”:

Travel Bar, C/ de Boqueria 27 If you’re really broke, but still want a decent meal, locate this bar. Every night at either 7.30pm or 8.15pm you can get a particular meal (pasta, curry etc.) for a mere €1 (once you buy a drink to wash it down with). Open daily from 9am-3am.

Fresco, Ronda Universidad, 29 Specialising in ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffets, Fresco is great value for money. For €7.40 you can choose from an wide range of salads, while if you’re looking for something a bit more substantial you can stuff yourself with pizza and pasta to your heart’s content. Open from 12.30pm-1am; buffet €9.20 after 8pm/weekends.

Bar del Pi, Plaça Sant Josep Oriol 1 Even though the selection of tapas here is limited, this is one of Barcelona’s most famous tapas bars. Most tapas are under €3 and if you’re lucky a pianist will be tickling the ivory keys of the downstairs piano. Open Mon-Sat 9am to 11pm; Sun 9am to 10pm.

Can Paixano, C/de la Reina Cristina, 7 Going for a bite to eat in this small champagne bar in La Barceloneta is extremely enjoyable but equally challenging. Specialising in cheap tapas and meat-filled bread rolls, hardly anything costs more than €3. Better still, they sell bottles of champagne for €4! Get down early. Open dailyfrom 9am-11pm.

Primer Express, Ronda de Sant Antoni, 32 When you’re looking for a quick breakfast in nice surroundings you can’t go wrong in this small eatery five minutes from Las Ramblas. For just €1.60 you can get a white coffee and a croissant/donut. For an extra €3 you can get tea and traditional Spanish sausage. They also have tapas from €1.50. Open Mon-Sat from 8am-10pm.

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More cheap things to do in Barcelona

Someone with the username “skv” posted a question in the Travellerspoint forums on how s/he (not sure about the gender) can enjoy Barcelona with a tight budget. S/he got some helpful responses — check it out!

Also click on this link to see the site’s search results on the term “cheap.”

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